Please stay tuned... We'll get through this and re-open as soon as we're allowed.

Currently ONLY our Driving Range & Batting Cages are open.

Daily 10am weather permitting.

Everything else, INCLUDING the clubhouse is still closed.

Batting Cages

Customers must BRING THEIR OWN BATS AND HELMETS, and deposit cash ($1, $5, $10 accepted)

directly into the machine located outside the clubhouse to receive tokens.

Driving Range

You will need to bring cash to feed into the ball dispenser.

If you have Driving Range tokens already, those still work, however they are not available to purchase at this time.

There is no cashier/attendant on site.

Also you will need to bring your own clubs. Loaners are not available.

We've arranged the tee mats to comply with social distancing regulations.